Episode 1

A Conversation with

Luis Barrios, the Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Hoteles City Express, the leading Mexican limited-service hotel chain, explains how he developed the concept and is surviving COVID-19, grew from one hotel to 153 by solely focusing on the customer and his plans to monetize the group’s large real estate portfolio and go asset-light.

In this Episode

Luis discusses how he founded Hoteles City in 2002 and quickly opened his first hotel with partner Javier Arce. He then talks about many of the learnings over the growth years, including efficiencies from building 30 hotels. He then talks about how the organization is navigating the current crisis, conserving cash, and implementing new cleanliness procedures. He explains the remarkable culture he has fostered, employees’ personal growth and happiness, and how every colleague is focused on serving the customer. Trying harder to please can make all the difference. Luis gives his view of how technology will change the hotel industry and how the goal of the CEO should be to make himself dispensable and prepare for departure day.