Episode #6

Berkshire 2.0

Steven Markel

Steven Markel is the chairman of Markel Corporation, a Richmond, Virginia-based holding company with extensive global insurance operations. After attending Wharton and a stint as a commercial banker, Steve joined Markel with his cousins as the third generation in 1975. The company was listed in 1986, with a market cap of $15 million and today, Markel is a Fortune 500 company with a $15 billion market cap. As the group evolves into new areas like insurance-linked securities, Steve firmly believes Markel’s brightest days are ahead.

In this Episode

In this exclusive in-depth conversation, Steve talks about his family’s history in the insurance business, his early fascination with horse racing, how he came up with the idea to recreate Berkshire Hathaway and the future of the insurance industry. We dive deep into the group’s culture, the power of incentives, the profound effect triple bypass surgery had on Steve’s life and his thoughts on the future of Markel.