Episode #4

Flying High

Eymeric Segard

Today on Global Value Creators, we are delighted to welcome our friend Eymeric Segard, Co-Founder and CEO of LunaJets, one of the largest private jet operators in Europe. After forgoing a successful advertising career in favor of uncharted entrepreneurship in the skies, Eymeric dedicated his life to building a modern aviation platform, the first component of which is a NetJets-like service, but with more flexibility at a lower price. In an industry where many competitors have fallen, Eymeric and LunaJets continue to Fly High. We hope you enjoy.

In this Episode

In this in-depth conversation, Eymeric discusses how 15 years of delighting customers in the advertising industry taught him that service is paramount, and prepared him to build one of Europe’s largest private jet operators. After witnessing the loss of the family business as a child, he learned to always plan for rainy days. As aggressive competitors around him have fallen, Eymeric has piloted LunaJets through storms on his way to building a modern aviation platform, including transporting the world’s most discerning clients, sports teams, and most recently, PPE across the globe.