Episode #7

Sealess Seafood

Lou Cooperhouse

Lou Cooperhouse, the CEO and Co-Founder of BlueNalu, the world’s leading producer of cell-based seafood. With an early interest in microorganisms, Lou set out on an impressive 36-year career in the food industry, including roles at Campbell’s, Conagra, Nestle and startup MenuDirect. After deciding to give back, Lou joined the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, where he helped more than 1,000 entrepreneurs over a 15-year period, including Pat Brown, the founder of Impossible Foods. In 2013, Lou discovered the “Holy Grail” of cell-based food. And thanks to a chance encounter at a speaking engagement a few years later, Lou started BlueNalu in 2017. After attracting some of the smartest investors in food-tech, BlueNalu has enormous growth plans and the potential to drastically alter the seafood industry as well as our entire planet.

In this Episode

In this fascinating conversation, Lou talks about his early interest in microorganisms, his nearly four-decade career in the food industry, how he discovered the “holy grail” of cell-based food, and the huge ambitions he has for BlueNalu. We dive deep into the group’s culture, the profound environmental and health benefits of cell-based food, and how Lou plans to change the future of seafood.